Teaching:  Personal classes for beginners and expierenced producers
Mastering:  Making sure your finished mix works on different mediums, aka the final touch!
Mixing:  Getting your production to an industry level sound.
Production:  Together we'll work to make your composition come to life and find an unique estatic
Composition:  Music for movies, art installation, theater, videogames, comercials, etc.

Hour Rate

€35,-Excl. VAT

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Aproximation of Time*

Mastering: 1 hour
Mixing: 3-5 hours incl. mastering
Production: 1-2 days incl. mixing and mastering 1 day = 8 hours
Composition: 3-6 days incl. production, mixing and mastering 1 day = 8 hours

*These are aproximations based on past expierences but can heavily differ per project!